Icarus Swinebuckle Michael Garland


Published: 2011


Icarus Swinebuckle  by  Michael Garland

Icarus Swinebuckle by Michael Garland
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“Icarus Swinebuckle” is about a pig that builds a set of wings so he can fly.I liked this book. It is about tenacity. Icarus, the pig, was determined to fly even though everyone told him his desire was nonsensical. Icarus knows his dream is silly but he wants to achieve his goal anyway, and he does (until he plunges in the river). But what I really liked about the book is that even though Icarus’ dream to fly was a moderate success, he did not stop there. The story ends with Icarus telling his son that he wants to build a rocket ship that will take him to the moon and he creates the blueprints for this new ambition.“Icarus Swinbuckle” is a fantasy.

The characters are animals, the main one being a pig who flies. However, the story’s theme of tenacity was something I could relate to. I have set career goals for myself that I am trying to achieve. Being tenacious, never giving up despite obstacles that may occur is the only way I can achieve my goals. Icarus did not give up on his dream to fly just as I have not given up on achieving my career goals, thus the story, for me, was a mirror of what I am doing in my life.My rating for this book is three stars.

As an avid animal lover, stories involving animals always rate high with me.

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