My Stepbrothers Arrangement 1 Juliette Jaye



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My Stepbrothers Arrangement 1  by  Juliette Jaye

My Stepbrothers Arrangement 1 by Juliette Jaye
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The first time I met my stepbrother, my mom was picking him up from the police station.Kalebs always been a bad boy. A womanizing, cocky, arrogant, aggravating bad boy. Oh, did I add that he has a body that belongs on a magazine cover, cheekbones you can cut yourself on and a smile that makes the panties melt off every girl he meets?And for the whole summer holidays, before I go away to college, hes also my boss.So why, in a moment of vulnerability, did I end up in bed with him?I mean sure, it was just one night. But damn, it was one hell of a night.I tried to forget it.

I tried to pretend it didnt happen. After all, Im a good girl. I dont do things like that. But when he tells me the next day that as his boss, I have to obey his every command...Well, lets just say accounting internships have never been so exciting.

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